Sum up of 2022

What a year it was for Woof Portraits! Not only did we take part in the very first Chelsea Dog Day event in the height of summer but we had another exhibition and photoshoot with Jonny Bosworth, the London Dog Photographer.  

Chelsea Dog Day was organised by Cadogan, with the support of local dog enthusiasts May Wong ( and Gaynor Jackson (Four Legged Foodies).  The Four Legged Foodies are a long term friend of Woof Portraits and we were lucky enough to feature their poster boys, Archie & Nacho, in the window of Papersmiths, our host for the day.  They were both excellent models, firstly for Jonny who took their photos and then for me! It was an excellent event, the scale was huge with all the major brands taking part.  We had a lot of fun and can’t wait to do it again in the summer 2023!

Ryan Hodge of Woof Portraits preparing the window display at Papersmiths for Chelsea Dog Day 2022.  
Nacho of the Four Legged Foodies poses with his Custom Pet Portrait by Woof Portraits in the window of Papersmiths at the Chelsea Dog Day event 2022 Jonny Bosworth the London Dog Photographer taking photos in his pop up studio set up in Papersmiths for Chelsea Dog Day 2022.  the window display shows a portrait of Archie the Norfolk terrier by Woof Portraits.

Also in November we had another event at Barkney Wick, which was just in time for Christmas!   This time around we introduced a booking system that meant that we could photograph more dogs throughout the weekend and also allowed time for walk-ins.  

We met lots of dogs, many local but some who travelled from the other side of London to see us!  

Maze is a cockapoo puppy who had just started puppy training at Barkney Wick, she is the cutest and most cuddliest bundle of fluff!  I was treated with the task of producing her portrait using one of Jonny’s photos as reference.  His photos are perfect to work with and it turned out to be one of my favourite portraits.  It arrived Just in time for Christmas! 

A print of Maze's custom pet portrait by Woof Portraits.  Custom pet portrait by Woof portraits of Maze the cockapoo.  shown in a white frame against a dark teal wall, resting on a wood floor.

Barkney Wick is one of East London’s finest new businesses and has had a real positive impact on the dog community in Hackney Wick.  We love working with them and are looking forward to doing many more events there in the future.  

Watch this space for more updates on upcoming events!

Ryan, Mr Woof Portraits xx

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