Ryan Hodge is the illustrator behind Woof Portraits. 

Working from your favourite photos he produces luxury artwork of your pets, whether they bark, miaow, tweet or twitch their nose.   

Each one is drawn by hand over several days.  

"I work closely with each customer to produce a unique portrait that you will cherish forever." 


Price List - Unframed 

  • A4 - £180
  • A3 - £230
  • A2 - £330
  • A1 - £430
  • A0 - £530

This is based on a single pet.  Add another pet or human in the same picture for an additional £50 - this allows for the extra time required to produce. 

More information on framing HERE.


Each illustration is drawn by hand and is built up in multiple layers of colour and detail.  Thousands of strokes make up every picture.  

You are invited to send a selection of your favourite images and together we will decide on the best one to use as a the foundation of the portrait. 

Choose photos of your pet that really show off their unique personality.

Send your pictures to Ryan-Hodge@live.com or start a conversation! 

Check out the photo guide for tips on taking the perfect picture! 


Once the artwork is complete, you will receive a digital proof via email.  At this stage you are welcome to suggest any final adjustments before printing.  This is also an ideal time to finalise your background colour! 

All artwork is printed using archive quality giclee printers on Hahnemühle German Etching paper, offering excellent colours and sharp detail.  

Photo Guide 

For the best chance of success start the process with a great picture! 

When choosing and taking new photos of your pet there are a few essential things to consider.  

Good lighting is really important to help capture as much detail as possible.   It is always best to use soft natural light if possible, as this gives a nice even light with fewer shadows.  Try to avoid using the flash or really bright direct sunlight, this can create harsh shadows and cause your pet to squint.  We want to see nice bright eyes! 

Position your dog near a window facing outside towards the direction of the light.  

Angle your camera so that it is at the same level as your dogs chest.  

If you want a full body shot remember to get their paws in! 

Using Format