Woof Portraits X London Dog Photographer Exhibition at Barkney Wick

In March 2022 Woof Portraits had an exhibition of my favourite custom dog portraits!  We took over the doggy day care area of the Barkney Wick Café, East London’s trendiest venue.  

It was amazing to see the artwork printed on this scale.  You can really appreciate all of the hand drawn detail that makes up each one and the background colours just look stunning.  

I was lucky enough to meet some of my models in person and have them pose with their life size portraits.  Georgie was one of those dogs who came along to show her support. 

Jonny, aka The London Dog Photographer, took so many amazing photos of our dog visitors. His pop-up studio took the weekend to the next level.   It was the perfect opportunity to have a top quality professional photograph taken.  Not only did they get a taste of the modelling world but many many treats too!   He did such a good job.

Photos from each session were available to buy as prints or use as reference for a custom pet portrait by Woof Portraits.  

Elvis the Iggy was one such pup!  He was the star of the show, just as you’d expect with a name like that.  Just check out this clip from his photoshoot, those hips are something else!  

His fur mom was so impressed with his photos that she bought two prints and commissioned a custom Woof Portraits for her flat which is now, rightly so, a shrine to her beloved Elvis. 

We had the best time and can’t wait to do it all over again soon!  

You can find out more about how to commission your very own custom pet portrait here.

Barkney Wick is the perfect hub for the local dog community in Hackney Wick whose dog population is growing by the day.   As well as a doggy day care service, they serve excellent coffee and vegan treats, have a fabulous array of dog nibbles and toy and open their doors in the evening for wine, beers and dog themed cocktails at the After Bark Bar.  

Keep an eye on our socials for more news about our next event!

Ryan (Mr Woof Portraits) 

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